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Past Q Guestbook Entries

Thanks for the great Christian music. It is a positive distraction from the crazy non-Christian stations one normally needs to listen to here in beautiful South Africa Clinton Du Triou, Johannesburg, South Africa
The Q is so insirspitional and Kid and Scotty in the morning is my favorite show they are so funny. That why i support the Q AaronVan Groll, Little Chute WI
Love your station, zi listen all the time. Lorry Rickert, Menasha
Thanks for playing our song 'Brand New Day'! We are incredibly grateful. Eric Bjorklund, St. Paul
Dear Q90fm I wanted to thankyou for all you do in reaching people for the kingdom of heaven and I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all the music you play and I look forward to meeting you guys one day I hope some time I can stop in to see all of you.Please keep up the good work!  Jonathon George Constable, Appleton Wisconsin
Thank you God for the most awesomest people working at the Q!!! All the songs are very encouraging. Life may be hard for me right now, but things will get better. I must stay strong in my faith and pray for the best because I know that God leads me to better things in life and He won't lead me into something He knows I can't handle. THANK YOU GOD!!!! Sarina, WI
I can say I find myself listening to you station a lot lately cause facing a lot of difficult things im facing thank God for your radio station!! :)  Tiffany Howard, Menasha, WI
i love q 90 fm so much. this station really helps me on bad days. rebecca jones, appleton, wi
The music just keeps getting better at the Q. Love Courageous. Stand up when we are on our knees. AMEN! Thank you Q90! Mary Baierl, Green Bay, Wisconsin
I love listening to the Q all day at work. You make my day fun and wonderful. Please pray for my friend. I know she would benefit form hearing this station but i cant hear it at home since im in texas. She really needs prayer. She Doesnt want to live anymore. and i kow the power of prayer can heal her heart and her body Lacey, San Anotnio, TX
I love your music! It's so inspiring! It calms me down when I'm having a stressful day, and it lifts me up when I'm having a bad one. You guys are amazing! Keep doing what you're doing! Meghann Gagnon, Manitowoc, WI
I love the Q! It's my birthday on Wednesday, Jan. 11, and I will be 12!!!! Thanks for the inspiring music! Cecilia, Denmark, WI
What a breath of fresh air to hear some Christian music. Love it!  Billie Gee, Central City, NE
God is good with amazing grace in Christ and we will win the peoples to Jesus even today through the gospeland many believers will pray for that right now,thanks and bless,keijo sweden keijo, s�dert�lje
I love your raido station, the music and the talk shows so uplifting! God bless you and Thank you! Lisa, Wolfforth, Tx.
Q90 is the BEST STATION EVER!!!, but i would suggest that they keep playing Christmas music after Christmas, because the Christmas season STARTS Christmas day. What happened to 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS?? Q90 IS THE BEST EVER!!!! THEY ROCK! LOL Cecilia Ellis, Denmark, WI
As I joined the military, I've had to travel far from my home in Reedsville, WI but every time I come home I tune to Q 90 FM. Thank you for providing this positive influence. Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers through our hard times right now, as my Grandmother is suffering, please pray to stop her pain and suffering. Thank you! Cassandra Davis, Lowville, NY
The Q is a blessing and an inspiration in my walk of faith. I can't tell you how many times when I've been at the point of giving up that the lord spoke the word I needed to hear thru you music your teaching and your verses on your station. My prayers are with you every day. Thank you for your continued faith and obedience in the Lord Jesus Christ. Justin Hawkins, Green Bay, WI
My family and I have been enjoying listening to your station! We wish we had a station like this down home, that plays all kinds of Christian music. We are very grateful and blessed to have Klove at home. When traveling we always try to find either Klove or a Christian station to listen to! Thank you for blessing us with awesome music!! God Bless! Alisha Lee, Liberty, MS
Thank you!!! :) Cheyenne, Reno, NV
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